Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life!!

HAPPY NEW YEARS TRINITY FANS -                                                            WHAT'S YOUR MOTIVATION FOR THIS YEAR?


HAPPY NEW YEAR TRINITY FANS!! I hope everyone is off to a good start! It is MOTIVATIONAL MONDAY. I'm sure everyone has their goals in order and just needs a little bit of motivation to get them started. So how do you get motivated? There is no such thing as the perfect answer to the motivation question. Your answer will be based on your own individual experiences and analysis. I'd like to offer a little "motivational help" with your New Year's resolutions by discussing how to boost your motivation:

First, let’s find out what the importance of motivation is exactly. Basically, motivation is that driving force which allows you to achieve your goals and go after what you want in life. In my line of work, I tell my clients that without setting your goals FIRST, and getting that MIND SET, you can not achieve anything. The first part of accomplishing anything you want in life is knowing WHAT YOU WANT, and then setting your mind toward that goal.

If you want to change your personality for the better, START EXERCISING, start a new habit, be a better person, – all of these things would be easier accomplished if you are properly motivated. As long as you have a strong personal motivation and you set your mind toward that goal, you can achieve almost anything that you want from life. However, remember not to fall into the trap of looking for short-cuts to achieve your goals. Everyone wants that QUICK FIX, THE EASY WAY OUT. Those quick fixes may work, but they work short term and they usually kick you in the butt on the way back. It will even be a sweeter victory when you finally achieve your goal, knowing that you have had to go through several hurdles to attain it and knowing that you put in the hard work to get there!

So how do you develop motivation in life? If you wish to accomplish a goal, such as weight loss, how can you find it in you to be properly motivated? The best thing to do is to focus on one goal at a time. Focus is the key element to any goal. This should be partnered with the fact that you should make sure that your short-term goals all help in achieving your long-term goals. One of the best ways for you to focus on one goal at a time is to make a diary of your goals – yes, write it down – so that you will have a visual representation of the things that you want to achieve rather than letting it all get lost in your head.

Once you get focused, part of that plan is to rid yourself of all negativity and negative aspects and distractions which might prevent you from achieving your goal. This includes friends, family members and any other elements that may get in the way of your goals. I don't mean that you have to eliminate these people from your life...just keep a good distance from them as they will hinder your progress with their comments and their bad habits. You need to surround yourself with people and things of a positive nature. If someone is constantly filling your head with negative comments or hindering your progress in your goals, you need to stay away from that person.

Its important to make sure that you are completely blocking out any negative influences in your life. If you feel that you are being distracted from your goal by a problem which does not seem to go away, ask yourself what you can do to eliminate such a challenge and distraction in your life. Maybe you are being sidetracked by negative thoughts and feelings because you have no faith in yourself. Addressing the root of the problem, completely blocking out any negative distractions and thinking purely positive thoughts is the best way for you to develop motivation in your everyday life.

It’s important to have motivation in your life. Motivation is the fuel that you need to continue striving for your goals. Soak up motivating things in your life on a daily basis. Read great books that will inspire you. Read great blogs that are both positive and informative.

It’s human nature to have days were you aren’t very motivated. However, if you continue to surround yourself with positive and motivational things, those days will be few and far between.

I wish everyone good luck with your new years resolutions, no matter what they are!! Remember, to think positive and strive for the best...and it will come!