Change your mind, Change your body, Change your life!!

                         W H A T S   I T   A L L   A B O U T  ??                    

Ever wonder why you try diets over and over again with no success?? Or why you have gym memberships for years and either never use them or use them and never make any progress???? What about the ones that try all the diets and diet supplements only to lose weight and gain it right back, or GAIN EVEN MORE WEIGHT???

People go to gyms with good intentions just like starting diets..They want to attempt to do something to change their bodies because they are unhappy and starting a diet or joining a gym is a good start..But how do you know what it is that is going to make you lose weight, or gain muscle??? How do you know the right exercises to do and what combinations to do to get the body you want..What's going to motivate you to even go to the gym or put down that donut...

YOU DONT !....gyms know this. Unless you are truly serious about your workout routine and go to the gym at a time when the gyms are empty (whenever that is) with a plan/routine in your mind and get done and get out, you will have to wait for machines, deal with all the noise and distractions and basically your workout routine is not what it should be and it takes the wrong amount of time and you get frustrated and leave or just give up..People also do not understand FOOD..OR WHAT FOODS TO EAT, WHEN TO EAT, HOW TO EAT..They think if they try a quick fix diet and drop a few pounds, its the greatest thing in the world.  But then what happens a few months later when you cant stick with the NO CARB/FAT diet or the LOW/FAT CARB diet and you suddenly go back to your regular eating or you do the YO YO diet and your weight starts to fluctuate...Now what do you do??

Well, do you still go to a gym and ask for a could but then the gym gets ya for membership now AND the cost of a trainer..meanwhile, you're still training at the same gym with the same routine but now paying more money..If its a good trainer, they can work around it and do a good job and serve YOU and not the GYM and their commission but what are the chances of that???...Also, does this TRAINER have a they know about food and nutrition to also sit with you and discuss your eating habits or is your 45 min - 1 hr just based on waiting for machines and spending 20 minutes of the time hopping on the treadmill??? Cant you do that on your own??

Your best bet is to hire a PRIVATE - CERTIFIED PERSONAL TRAINER who is also certified in NUTRITION. Find a TRAINER who has the equipment, the skills, and the motivation to do the same job in the privacy of their home which can take less time to get you where you want to be and then you can just maintain "that look". Find someone who cares about how THEY look themselves and who cares about YOU and getting you where you want to be with the right foods and nutrition as well as a workout plan not a gym membership!! It may take research but I know we're out here because I am one of these people.

I myself would prefer to hire someone who cares about me personally and understands me, rather then someone working on commission who just has me in for my hour and makes the gym money. I also know from experience that working out at a gym is all about standing around waiting for machines and dealing with all the socialization crap and to me, that is not serious workouts..When I workout, I am serious. I have fun with my clients, but I am serious and I know that you can not give it more than a minute between sets to get any real effect and I would rather spend my money getting results than waiting for them and spending year after year! Think about it...

I train because I love to train. I motivate people because I am good at it. I charge a reasonable fee because I need to charge something to make a living, but the final results and achievements that you obtain physically, mentally and emotionally are worth much much more than any monetary figure you will ever pay me, and in the end, you are not the only one who benefits because this is what I live for! This is what my life is about and this is what makes me proud to be a Personal Trainer!

But the first step is yours. Sit on the couch and think about it or get up and do something...

You can either stare at the steps or step up the stairs..the choice is yours!!