Happy Clients


I decided to work with Trinity Transformations because I was feeling overwhelmed with my daily commitments and I lacked balance and direction, especially during this pandemic.
Emmy helped me by providing a safe space to express my feelings and thoughts. She provided amazing resources and take home exercises to help establish a new balance in my life.  
The result was amazing. I started to determine my day rather than my day determining me. I have found more time for me and more peace.

Linda A.


I wanted to be able to take a compliment.  In the six weeks, I conquered everything.
At first, the six weeks were scary. I knew what I wanted to get done, but it was just actually getting it done that was my biggest fear. Once I started into all the work sessions with Emmy, it was great. Everything just rolled.
My experience working with Emmy was amazing. Right from the beginning, it was like Emmy lived in my life!
If you're thinking of working with Emmy, go for it! Emmy is a rockstar!

Deana W.


Emmy’s coaching allows me to navigate my personal growth and gratitude highway. 
It’s perfect for anyone looking to gain a positive perspective on life during these unprecedented times. 
Emmy is a compassionate, supportive and engaging coach that will guide you step by step.
You will be amazed how much you get out of the coaching session.  It is well worth your time and any money you invest is an investment in yourself.  We all deserve that!

Linda S.