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The Calm Achiever: How To Turn Your Anxiety Into Joy In 90 Days


I'm Emmy

Transformational Speaker and Growth Guide with

22+ Years of Professional Experience Guiding Others.

I help the overwhelmed, stressed, overachiever release the shame and guilt they’ve been hanging onto surrounding their high-functioning depression and/or anxiety. I am passionate about helping others realize that there need be no stigma in having mental health issues and that it doesn’t define them. I created Trinity Transformations to inspire and connect through joy, gratitude, and self-love.

This is important to me because I, too, have struggled with high-functioning depression and anxiety. As a single mom of 3, with a full-time job and 2 part-time jobs, I was always on the go. It was only in learning to put down my backpack of shame, slow down, listen to my intuition, seek out joy and be truly grateful for all the abundance surrounding me that things really came together for me. Now I'm living my best life! I want to help other people do the same, without having to go through all the struggles I did. 

You Will Learn How To


Reduce Stress


Increase Joy


Have an overall sense of calm in your days

What People Say

I decided to work with Trinity Transformations because I was feeling overwhelmed with my daily commitments and I lacked balance and direction, especially during this pandemic.
Emmy helped me by providing a safe space to express my feelings and thoughts. She provided amazing resources and take home exercises to help establish a new balance in my life.  
The result was amazing. I started to determine my day rather than my day determining me. I have found more time for me and more peace.


Linda A., Orangeville ON

Yes, I want to feel calm and joyful,
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