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Reset, Recharge, Refuel

A 1-day retreat that will help you feel full, on fire, and in flow from August 18th onwards


Presented by Emmy Rousseau,
Founder & CEO at Trinity Transformations

Are you feeling depleted, unmotivated, and lackluster? You are likely a leader of others in life and work. You give, give, give, and fit yourself when you can (does that ever happen?). But you know something has to change. 


If this is you, I have been there. I was stuck on the hamster wheel for years, putting everybody else's needs ahead of my own. Over the past few years, I have learned to embrace the power of pause and realized the need to put myself first in order to serve not only myself but others best (I know that may sound radical, but it's true). Now I teach others that self-love is self-full, not self-ish through my speaking and intenSati Spiritual Fitness classes, and am thrilled to be bringing this retreat to you. 

On Friday, August 18th, we will gather together at the beautiful Centennial Park in Brampton, from 8:00-2:00 to allow you to recharge, rest, and refuel yourself. Because YOU deserve it!

It will be a fun-filled day rooted in science, AND filled with joy, gratitude, self-love, and following your intuition. See below for the key components. All of this, plus a beautiful lunch and healthy refreshments will be provided for only $222 plus tax. 

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Key components of the retreat:

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